Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ginger's 8 year Checkup

I can't believe Ginger is going to be 8 in about 2 weeks. It feels like just yesterday I was bringing him home as a little ball of fur.

Now, he is an old man and I love him so much!

The vet said he is in great shape for how old he is. She was a little worried about a blood vessel going through the cornea in one of his eyes, but she said he should be okay as long as it is not bothering him. He also has a few small sore spots on two of his feet, but she said that is normal for his age. I just have to keep an eye on it to make sure they don't get worse. She suggested I put soft bedding (like Carefresh on top of the aspen bedding I am using now. That should help his feet. She also looked at his teeth and said they were a little longer than she would like, but they were all even. Guinea pig teeth are much like horse teeth as they continuously grow and have to be worn down by chewing on hay, wood, or anything hard. Since his teeth are even on top and he can still close his mouth all the way, she said not to worry about it. Usually they would be sedated and have their teeth ground down. It wouldn't be worth it to do that.

Here's to, hopefully, one more year!