Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kirkland Canine Festival

Last Saturday, July 23rd, Louis and I went to the Kirkland Canine Festival. My mom met up with us a little later but we got there when it started at 9 am. I entered to contests and won both of them. The first one was the doggie costume contest. Sadie went as Alice in Wonderland and Oscar went as the white rabbit. They won me a free oil change and detail of my car! The second contest was the best pooch smooch and Oscar won by a landslide! He won me a free mini photo session! It was so much fun and we both had a great time. I also got my picture on the front of the Kirkland Reporter. Here is the article:

Kirkland's Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival crowns best ‘pooch smooch’?

Kathryn Clarke and her dog Oscar were awarded the winners of the ‘Best Pooch Smooch’ by judges during the annual Go Dog, Go! festival held at Juanita Beach Park last weekend. This was the first year that the event has been produced by the City of Kirkland. The festival played host of hundreds of dog lovers and their pets. To read the full story in the Go Dog, Go! festival see page 3.
Peggy Kunkel, UW Newslab related storiesKirkland Reporter
Jul 27 2011, 11:39 AM · UPDATED

Last Saturday, dogs parading along the shores of Lake Washington created a magical sight. Some walked, others rode in strollers, and a few peeked out of purses or were carried by their owners.

The event was a two-mile dog walk, part of the third annual Go Dog, Go! Kirkland Canine Festival at Juanita Beach Park.

German shepherds, collies, terriers, Labradors and other breeds came to play and participate. There was no admission charge to attend the festival, although the Dog Walk fee was $20 per family. Funds raised assist the city to maintain dog-waste stations at Kirkland parks. Events held throughout the day – musical chairs, dog races, dog tricks – were all designed to showcase dogs.

After his dog won the “best tricks” award for the second year in a row, Ray Smutek, 75, said, “I do it because it’s fun!”. Woody the Housedog from the Woodmark Hotel appeared at the event and the K-Dog booth “Fetch a wave” offered to photograph dogs on a real surfboard.

The Humane Society presented adoption papers to one lucky young lady, Brenda Williamson, who said, “I am just so excited, the dog just came right up to me! I knew he was the one, and, I got to take him home today.”

Contests kept the crowds entertained, including “Who is the best pooch smoocher?”. There were hilarious displays of kisses as the dogs lapped and slobbered all over their owners’ faces. After watching all the participants and their four-legged friends smooch, the judges awarded the “Best Pooch Smooch” to Oscar and his owner, Kathryn Clarke.

Dogs danced, barked and played. Contessa, 11, “has been dancing for four years,” said Patty Brooks, her owner. Decked out in a blue sequined collar, Contessa was beautiful with her shiny black fur and she performed her routine flawlessly.

Cascade Dog Sports Club held races throughout the day. The dogs raced, jumping hurdles to obtain the coveted golf ball and get it back to their owners. Susan Martin, a Kirkland resident, held her Yorkshire terrier. When asked if she was participating in contests, she smiled and said, “We just enjoy watching the dogs race.”

The flying disk event had dogs jumping high in the air to catch the disks. One contestant’s routine, combining speed and the colors black and yellow, captivated the audience as the dog caught the flying disk time after time. Another contestant, MaryAnna Swainston, 7, said, “I’m not nervous, I do this all the time.” Her dog Gus seized the flying disk, jumping high in the air to make the catch and returning it to the smiling girl. MaryAnna’s father and grandfather also competed in this event, making it a three-generation event.

Mike Metteer, business services program manager with the city of Kirkland said, “This is the third year of this event – last year there were about 2,000 attendees; this year, I know we have already exceeded that number.” Metteer praised the “many great volunteers.”

Attendees spent the day connecting with dog enthusiasts, bonding with pets and visiting the booths of the many pet-related vendors and sponsors. Holly, 5, proudly pointed to her dog, Steve, saying, “I especially liked watching the dogs do tricks. Steve can do tricks. Steve can lie down and he can sit up.”

Some have already added this event to their dog’s social calendar for next year. Yes, it is amazing that dogs have social calendars—but don’t forget they are man’s best friend.

PEGGY KUNKEL is a student in the University of Washington Department of Communication News Laboratory.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Louis and I finally got a chance to go to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. It was so cool and so much fun. All the flowers were so beautiful and we did get to see some wildlife too.

Louis and I next to the house fit for a Hobbit

Me on the rock bridge

4th of July

This year the 4th of July was really great and really busy too! Louis came over in the morning to go with me to the 4th of July pancake breakfast for my parent's ward. The food was good and it was just fun.

In the early afternoon Louis and I went over to his house where his family was having a barbecue. I got to meet his brother and sister-in-law and two of his aunts. The meal was great and the cake for dessert was so yummy.

That night we went back to my house to watch fireworks and do a few too. We didn't go out and buy any fireworks this year because they were expensive for some reason. It turned out to be a great day!

This is the dutch oven that housed the yummy chocolate cake

Louis and his sister roasting marshmallows for smore's

His niece and nephew

Some fireworks from the Seattle Fireworks Show

Catching Up

So... I really need to do a lot of catch up on my blogging. My life has been so busy and I've hardly had time to think. I will do my best to keep blogging.