Saturday, January 31, 2009

The pond is back

Remember my post about the pond on the pipeline that had dried up? Well, it's back again. I took some pictures last weekend when I went for a walk.

This is the picture of the pond when it was dried up.
This is how it's supposed to look - with water in it. It's too bad that the weather is way too cold for Oscar to go swimming in it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top ten most dangerous breeds

I found this online the other day and I love it! It is so true.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Breeds

Which breeds are the most dangerous?
Which ones bite without warning, or can just snap? Which ones are likely to attack unprovoked, or take up a pack mentality? Which breeds have unstable temperaments, and just can't be trusted?

Quick - which breeds come to mind? Are you thinking Pitbulls, Presas, Rottweilers? Dobermans or Chows? German Shepherds or Akitas?
Wrong. In fact, really wrong.
Contrary to popular belief, these breeds are not the most dangerous. In fact, not a single animal welfare organization on the planet will give you a list of dangerous breeds, but we will..............

Just The Facts
But before we do - let's give you the facts.
Fact: The CDC has stopped reporting bite statistics by breed, as these numbers are driven by eyewitness reports, and are very often inaccurate. Why did the CDC stop? Because misidentification of breed is extremely common, making eyewitness reports an unreliable source.

In her book, Fatal Dog Attacks, author Karen Delise has studied the statistics and the stories behind these rare but deadly events. A top expert in this specialized field, she has concluded that a number of factors are present in a fatal attack.

Fact: On average, there are fewer than 30 deaths annually in the U.S. due to fatal dog maulings. Statistically, these tragedies are incredibly rare, as the dog population of 79 million. The stats on deaths by breed are available, as there are so few, and yes, Pitbulls and Rottweilers are on the list. But so are other breeds you might not imagine.

The media and headline-hungry pols love to point to these stats, and with great authority point to Pitbulls and Rottweilers as top offenders.

But what the media and politicians don't tell you is that the breeds on this list are driven by breed popularity, and that over the years, the types of breeds on this list have shifted.
So why are these breeds on the list? The answer is this - breed popularity drive the stats, but perhaps even more intangible is that breed popularity with irresponsible dog owners is an even bigger factor.

The #1 Factor

The absolute, number one factor that determines whether or not a dog will become dangerous is............... ownership.

And in compiling this list of dangerous breeds, you'll note they all share one trait in common - they are all human.

That's right, Kory, Jackie & Michael - humans are most reponsible for dangerous dogs. Humans are responsible for creating the circumstances and behavior that lead to dog bites or maulings. Get it right, Bubba - Humans.

So without further ado here are the...................

Top Ten Most Dangerous Breeds

10. Criminal Dog Owners - They vary in size, shape, color and creed. Whether urban or rural, they thrive in environments where crime does pay.
This breed may deliberately train dogs to be human aggressive. This breed has been known to shoot dogs for fun it. They fight dogs and use sweet tempered dogs as bait. Here in the New York area - they've been known to feed dogs ground up glass and gun power to toughen them up - you know-In case the police kick the front door - they're out the back - and the dogs are in between.

9. Irresponsible and Ignorant Dog Owners

Characterized by a complete lack of common sense and or manners, these dog owners come in three distinct varieties - Dumb, Dumber and Plain Stupid.
However they do share the same breed traits, like
Complete disregard for local leash or pooper scooper laws
Stubborn, self-centered rudeness
The inability to see the potential consequences for their behavior
So here are the three types if I & I's:

Dumb- When Snowball whines to go out, they throw open the front door and let her out to wander the neighborhood. Snowball is free to poop and pee wherever she likes. And if Snowball should wander into my yard and my dog defends its territory, like many dogs .......we've got a problem.

Dumber - Easy to recognize, this genius nonchalantly walks their dog off leash in the neighborhood, like it's no big deal. WEll in my book - it is a big deal. How would you like it if I let my dog run up to your children off leash. Or run up to any person who may be afraid of dogs. (and BTW - I support off leash space - just not on the block). And it's not OK if your dog takes a dump in my flowerbed, got that?

Plain Stupid- Waaaaay short on common sense - they let their children play unattended with dogs, or let them run up to pet a stranger's dog or get in a strange dog's face.
8. Negligent or Abusive Dog Owners

Like sociopaths who lack basic the human trait of compassion - this all-too-common breed is well known for a lack of care or concern. They are, however, gifted and talented in the areas of neglect or cruelty.

These G & Ts routinely fail to give their animals even the basics of food, water or shelter or fail to provide vet care. David Owens, an employee of Child Services in New York, has been accused of leaving his dying Akita out in the cold for weeks.

Even beating the dog is OK for these people- it's only a dog. Even if it's not their dog! Kick it if it gets in your way, wants food or attention. OK - so cruel and unusual punishment is against law, so giving them the same treatment is out. Too bad.

6. Ignorant Shelter Workers & Rescuers

We give shelter and rescue workers big snaps for the great job they do on a daily basis. That said - they are some bad apples in this bunch. Who? These people are marked by their staggering ignorance, leaving the rest of the dog world stammering in surprise.
Statements from these so-called "professionals" include, "We don't adopt out Pitbulls - they have locking jaws", and "We don't adopt out Rotties or Dobermans - they're aggressive". Better yet, they hide a dog's health or behavioral history, thinking that all dogs can be saved, from adopters who may be in for a big surprise. Someone needs to teach this breed a lesson - and quick.

5. Ignorant Dog Fanciers
Nose and tail always in the air with, "Breed restrictions don't really apply to me - I own a PUREBRED dog". Oh, really ? Maybe you'd like to share you magical powers with the rest of us....or better yet ............

4. Arrogant Dog Fanciers
Not only are nose and tail always in the air, but his type will even dis their fellow dog fanciers with, "it's not my breed". Ain't that special? Now bend over ...........this won't hurt a bit....
Numbers 4 and 5 do a diservice to the many hardworking, ethical home breeders who care deeply about their dogs and the welfare of dogs in general.

3. Irresponsible News Media
They attack -unprovoked, when you least expect it. Out of the blue, and really just when those ratings are starting to take a dive. That's just the perfect time to lead with a dog story. These media outlets target large working breeds, they thrive on fear. And they are yellow to the core.
Yeah - I'm talking to you, Kathryn McIntyre of the Commerce City Journal for your lack of editorial integrity for publishing the street addresses of pitbull owners. Sex offenders have more privacy rights than dog owners.

And yeah - I'm talking to you all you local metro broadcast news outlets, like CBS Channel 2 News in New York that that invariably portray "dangerous" dogs as Pitbulls or Rottweilers. In journalism - we don't automatically portray stories of rapes with images of black or Hispanic men. Nor should we visually support dangerous dog news stories with pictures of Pitbulls and Rottweilers, by default - like the one shown here from the CBS News site:
And yeah, I'm talking to you, for any print or web media that shows that same doctored photo of a snarling pitbull with digitally elongated teeth.

This ain't news - it's titillating info-tainment designed to spike fear, ad circ, and ratings at the same time.

It's time to run these out-of-control puppies back thru the basics - you know, fair and balanced reporting, media ethics - all that stuff they swore by in journalism school.

2. Greedy Insurers
These insurers aren't dogs - they're pigs. And who's to stop them when...........
they can chow down of easy profits on the backs of good dog owners by denying, limiting or eliminating coverage of dog owners in 37 states?

they stuff so much of their piggy bank bucks into the pockets of politicians?

Then politicians, hoggin' up all that campaign dough , do the bidding of the insurance sector, blocking bills that would make it illegal for insurers to discriminate against good dogs and good dog owners.

There's a saying - pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered. I'd like to invite you all to a barbeque :-)

1. Opportunistic Politicians
These dogs will whine - they beg - they'll do anything for attention - and money - especially from those fat cats in the insurance lobby who ensure obedience with juicy campaign donations. These politicians breed fear, thrive on ignorance and count on apathy. Prime examples are :
Michael Bryant - Ontario's infamous "Puppykiller" for the province's sick and twisted breed ban. One must "prove" that a dog isn't a pitbull and the law requires all pitbull type puppies be shipped out of the province, sent to reseach facilities or euthanized.

Jackie Speier of California, AKA "The Breed Exterminator" , and notable author of SB 861, which is having a chilling effect on dog ownership in California

Paul Wesslehoft of Oklahoma - whose bill to ban certain breeds just went down in flames in the state legislature there.

Molly Markert of Aurora, Colorado's Town Council - that smiling Miss Prim (we hear she smirked to the audience when the breed ban passed) - and noted dog-hater, a leader in passing Aurora's 12 breed dog ban

I've got a message for you - kick these headline grabbing, egg-suckin', political opportunists of ANY political persuasian to the curb in the next local or state elections.

The Most Dangerous Breeds?

I'll tell you the most dangerous breeds - write these down!

#1 All Time Dangerous Breed:
The #1 most dangerous breed are media outlets that deliberately breed fear, spreading myths and lies about dog breeds and canine behavior through irresponsible reporting and reinforcement of undeserved and negative breed stereotypes

What You Can Do About It:
Call up the paper, the TV station or email the website and complain about the biased dog story
Ask for the Editor, Sales Manager and/or Program Director
Tell them you won't read, watch or visit
Tell then you won't patronize their advertisers until they stop their biased coverage
Tell them they have the opportunity to spread knowledge, not fear
Tell them My Dog Votes!

#2 All Time Dangerous Breed:
The #2 most dangerous breeds are the local and state politicians that feed on the fear created by the irresponsible media, and the public's ignorance. They are greedy for the headlines, campaign dough and do the bidding of the private sector instead of truly advocating for the public health, safety and welfare. They pass breed bans , weight or size restrictions, public space bans, and mandatory microchip laws, and other anti-dog legislation limiting the rights of responsible tax-paying citizens rather than deal with their criminal and social problems.

What You Can Do About It:
Call or write the offending local of state elected official and complain about the breed ban or other anti-dog legislation
Tell them you want the ban overturned in favor of breed-neutral legislation
Tell them you want any other anti-dog legislation stopped or overturned
Tell them you will vote them out in the next election
Tell them you will vote out any politician that supported the ban
Tell them you will rally every dog owner in town against them
Tell them they have the opportunity to educate instead of legislate
Tell them My Dog Votes!

#3 All Time Dangerous Breed:
The #3 most dangerous breeds are the apathetic dog owners who say nothing, or do nothing because they think they cannot affect change, or fight the sytem, or it doesn't affect them directly. Or maybe they just don't care - or won't care - that is - until they come for their dog.
What You Can Do About It:
Tell all of your friends, neighbors, relatives and associates, regardless of whether or not they own a dog about the breed ban or other anti-dog legislation
Tell them they must support their fellow dog owners, friends, and neighbors
Tell them if we don't stand together now, we all fall
Tell them they have the opportunity to unite the community, not divide the community
Tell them to do it for their dog
Tell them My Dog Votes!

Now get off your butts and go do it.

Friday, January 23, 2009


So, I finally got a chance to put the snow pictures onto the computer. It was really beautiful to look at but really nasty to drive in. The first few pictures are of a few days that I measured the snow.
The next few pictures are of Oscar being cute in his new sweater. It was handmade for him by someone I housesit for.
The sweater didn't stay blue for long.

In this next one, Oscar is about to get a sled ride by my brother Dan.

This was the snow cave made for Oscar. At first he wasn't too sure about it.

He got used to going in it, but then didn't want to come out.
This poor garbage truck was stuck in a parking lot for almost two weeks.

I had to dig my car out almost everyday. This is why.

My dad and I took several walks together. I had a great time with him. He took many picture for me.

The tree branches were so heavy from the snow that I had to get down really low in order to go under them. If I looked cold, it's because I was.

Here are a few more

We walked along the main road and it was kind of creepy. The snow was so deep that we were about 3 feet above the cars going by, but you can't tell from the pictures.

This was taken in the same spot as a photo in one of my previous posts, but this time the snow is a lot deeper.

My dad thought it would be funny to take a picture of me trying to get out of the deep snow. It wasn't easy.

Oscar had a hard time walking though the snow. He often had to walk in my footsteps. Sometimes he just gave up and waited for me to come get him.

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

So, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because I have been super busy. Between my dog and I getting sick and me getting bitten by a dog- I don't know where to begin. I have been fighting this nasty cold for the last three weeks and it just won't seem to go away. My dog has still been throwing up everyday and the vets don't know why. He has also been having some issues with digestion and bad gas so I have switched his food to a duck based kibble with ground duck mixed in ( I tried the canned duck and potato but he hated it ). So far he has done really well with it.

I have also had to have my car fixed twice in the last month. The first time was right before Christmas when I had to get new brakes put on. The second time was this past monday when it got a tune up and oil change.

Last Friday I got bitten on the hand by a dog at work. It was mostly bruised badly. The same dog has gotten me in the hand before, but she doesn't really know what she is doing. She tries to get the ball as it's coming out of your hand and sometimes she ends up grabbing onto your hand instead of the ball. Thus, why I really don't like that dog.

I will post the snow pictures (from December) tonight whenI get home from work.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas and New Year's

Christmas was great this year. I have been praying every year since I was about seven for a white Chrismas. It's always seen in movies, but rarely happens in Washington. This year, fourteen years later, my wish came true. On Christmas Day it snowed a lot. I was supposed to work that day, so the family opened presents early. We opened the last present at about 7:20 am. I then started getting myself ready to go to work and no more than five minutes later the power went out. I was glad to be going to work because there would be power there. As I was clearing the snow off my car, I heard the sound of tree limbs cracking. I realized that it was our neighbor's maple tree and the branches were going to fall from the weight of the snow. I let my family know about the tree and then headed off for work. Sadly, I only made it halfway because there was a truck spun out across both lanes of the main road. I had to turn around, go home, and then call work to tell them I would not be coming in that day. When I returned home I saw that a huge ( at least 12 feet long ) branch fell onto our house. I just wanted a little snow not two feet of the white stuff! It snowed again the next two days and we got a total of 3 feet!

On the 27th, I was on my way home from work when, just two blocks from my house, I tried to avoid hitting a car on the side of the road but instead found myself halfway in a ditch. I said a prayer in the car hoping to get home safely. No more than two minutes later, three members of a family that lived nearby came out of their house with shovels in hand. They shoveled the snow out from under my tires and then helped push me back onto the road. My prayers had been answered. I got help and made it home safely.

New Year's day was great. I stayed up until 2 am and had so much fun waiting for the new year. I can't believe that it's already 2009! I haven't decided what my resolution is this year. All the resolutions I have made over the last five years I have held onto. They range from not drinking any carbonated drinks to not eating out. Last year my resolution was to not eat any meat at all and now I want to stay vegetarian.